More On Ralph Sampson

For those who might wonder why I keep writing about Ralph Sampson, he continues to be the most popular subject on if we use the number of visits from search engines as a measure. I'm not sure why, but it isn't even close. I won't dwell too long on the subject this time, but I would like to report that he has made a plea in his most recent troubles and surprisingly, he has pleaded not guilty. I say surprisingly because it seems to me that his case should be pretty simple compared to a lot of cases that find their way into court. He has either made the child support payments or he has not.
A plea of not guilty seems to be risky to me, but I'm not a lawyer and maybe there are facts that have not been made known to the public. I have been told that the four children reportedly he has in Georgia are children of Sampson's current wife and it may be that they come into play when the obligations to his two daughters in Virginia are considered.

I failed to keep the newspaper article which provided the details but I believe it said that Sampson's financial obligation to one of the daughters is in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million dollars. This figure is arrived at by computing his obligation until the daughter reaches the age of 21. I assume the obligation is similar for the second daughter but, for some reason, the newspaper did not mention the amount of the obligation for the second daughter.

The trial is scheduled a couple of months from now and since it will be in Richmond, I may try to attend.


I'm really looking forward to a trip that a couple of friends and I are taking this next Wednesday, June 15th. We are going to leave early in the morning and travel 5 hours to Marion Virginia to reunite two people who have not seen each other since the early 70s.

Bill Hickman who coached football at UNC in the late 60s and early 70s will travel with his son Kurt and me to visit with David Barrett, a former UNC footballer whom Mr.. Hickman recruited for the Heels. I won't go into the details until I talk with David but old timers know that he was the victim of some very bad luck shortly after graduating from UNCLE. It will be a thrill to watch the two meet again. I'm sure it will be hard for the two of them to realize that it has been close to 40 years since they last met. A lot of water under a lot bridges since then.

I have finally capitulated and had a new sound system installed in my van, the Heel mobile. It sounds great and the capitulating part refers to the fact that I now have the ability to play CDs in the van. I held out as long as I could because I didn't want to go through the same thing I did when cassette tapes first went on the market. I didn't want to lose my 8 tracks, so I bought an adapter so I could play the cassettes in the 8 track. Same reason why I postponed getting a CD player for the van, but I'm over the shock now and I am enjoying purchasing traveling music CDs for the trip and thereafter. Merle Haggard, George Jones and Alabama so far but I plan to make another haul this afternoon.

Can't remember whether I have told you about getting my UNC National Championship coke cans or not but I had someone in the Research Triangle area pick me up a couple of 6 packs and I have thoroughly enjoyed giving them to Tar Heel friends here in Richmond. They are not and never have been available here. In fact, I am told they were only available in the Durham Coke distribution area. They are not as blue as the can produced with earlier championships but they are attractive and will be displayed with pride along with mementos from other championships.

When I called one of the recipients over to the house, he handed me a bottle and said, "Have you seen one of these?" I looked at the label and it read "Bill's North Carolina Tar Heels BarBQ Sauce." It has the Rameses logo at the bottom of the label. I asked where he got the bottle and he said Wal-Mart. Since everyone, from time to time, buys BBQ sauce, maybe you should give it a try. It obviously is a licensed product so UNC will benefit financially every time a bottle is sold. I haven't tried mine yet. I looked on the label to see where it was produced and the only reference to origin is a statement which reads, "packaged for Logo Sports, Birmingham, Ala." I imagine it is done for a variety of schools and acknowledges on the label that a portion of the profits go to the school involved. Low in carbs so those of us with a blood sugar problem can use without having to worry about elevating our blood sugar level.


Until next time.