Mama's Call Heard This Time

My favorite all time sports quote is the one attributed to Bear Bryant when he was asked why he had accepted the head coach job at Alabama, He replied simply , "Mama called" and that's exactly what happened yesterday when Roy Williams made the decision to return to UNC where, according to him, he is in his dream job, near his folks and back to his roots. Of course, Williams was a little hard of hearing three years ago, so mama had to call twice and he is lucky he didn't have my mama because a "two call" carried with it some rather severe consequences.

It looked for a while that ole Roy wasn't listening this time either. I turned the national championship game off immediately after the game ended but when I went upstairs to bed my wife was fuming. She asked me if I heard what RW had said about Carolina on the television and I indicated that I had not. She was so mad that she had trouble relating to me what he had said. I later found out what had happened and told her that Roy's ( notice I am using his first name-I never felt comfortable doing that with DES ) comment about not giving a s--- about Carolina was made only after Terp graduate Bonnie Bernstein asked him the question a second time. I think my wife will get over what Roy said eventually but she ain't there yet. Not even his BBQ statement made amends for his comment and I wouldn't dare allow her to be in Roy's presence until she has healed.

It's interesting to read some of the comments about RW on the Kansas message boards. Reminds me a lot of how we felt when Mack Brown left us. He has been called a traitor, a bastard, a choker and a phony. We should let these people vent their anger and disappointment but some Carolina people just can't leave them alone. Any post a Carolina fan would make on a Kansas message board at the present time will more than likely be met with hostility regardless of the intent. One poster said he felt like his wife had just left him. Using the analogy, I'm sure most of us can relate to someone trying to tell us that the person our mate had left us for was "a pretty good guy." Maybe later but not during the shock period.

Probably the most hurtful comments, as far as I am concerned, were the ones that indicated feelings that RW was not the person they thought he was. I can understand their sentiments because RW had said three years ago that the only way he was going to leave Lawrence was to retire or be fired. Didn't leave him much wiggle room, did it?

I was a little disappointed with the press conference but I'll get over it. The players were dressed better this time and I like to think they did it on their own. I have maintained throughout that the basic problem between Doherty and the players was that they didn't respect him and what better way to show it than to come to the press conference in baggy clothes and hats turned backwards which they did at the previous pc.

I had a little trouble believing that the financial aspects of the contract have not been agreed upon but maybe they haven't. The dance performed by the principals in the wooing process is a strange one. RW saying that little Dickie hadn't actually come out and offered the job in the preliminary stages It's not a mystery what DB was trying to avoid. Can you imagine what the reaction would have been to another public rejection. The Kansas tie thing was a little hard to understand but I'm prepared to give RW the benefit of the doubt on that one. I really don't think it's a good idea for him to return to Lawrence for the basketball banquet but that decision is not left up to me. Wonder what kind of a tie he will wear to the banquet and you just know that Roy is not going to be able to avoid shedding a few tears. I think they are real but I personally would be a little more comfortable seeing them less frequently.

Probably the most humorous thing to have occurred during the "waiting period" was the comment of a friend of mine who relied on me to telephone him at work each time a new bit of information ( or misinformation ) appeared on the internet. His morale fluctuated like the stock market has recently with each call. Finally one day he said to me, "This is exciting. This is better than sex." I cautioned him not to repeat his observation lest his wife hear about it and and decide that maybe the solution to his problem was to have no sex at all. He admits now that maybe he crossed the line with his comment.

I told you things were going to get better, but I had no way of knowing they would get this much better this quick.