Game Day

My Thoughts on Game Day

Well. I can feel the excitement starting to build for Wednesday night's game with the Spartans. How many of our posters plan to be at the game? I noticed that quite a few people on this board are located considerable distances from Chapel Hill and probably don't get an opportunity to see the Heels in person very often. Maybe a brief account of my game day preparation and execution will bring some added enjoyment to the game.

Tension is building for almost a week prior to game day. I don't sleep as well as I normally do and my wife says that I don't want to talk about anything but the upcoming game. I notice the dog doesn't seem to want to spend much time with me during this period. On game day I rise at about 6:00 a.m. regardless of the start time. If it is an afternoon game we will depart at around 7. It's a 3 hour drive to Chapel Hill from Richmond and we may have to stop for breakfast depending on who is going. If it is a big breakfast, we eat at the Home Place in Dinwiddie which is just off Interstate 85 a few miles south of Petersburg. It is the home place of General Winfield Scott, a renowned military figure of the 19th century, The restaurant is in a barn like building behind the house and situated on a lake. It is not uncommon to see a deer swimming across the lake while seated near the large picture window. Good home cooking and the prices are reasonable. The owners and their children run the restaurant and that does make a difference. On the road again to Chapel Hill. I forgot to tell you that we are traveling in a white conversion van with Carolina Blue graphics and the words TAR HEELS written near he back in shadow script. We usually get several toots from other drivers on the way down. Frequently, we will go straight to the Farmer's Market in Raleigh where I have been known to buy a 3 layer pineapple cake from my personal baker, Faye who hails from Benson. She is also Peter Jennings's baker after a native of Raleigh took some of her cake back to New York for his friends to sample. Now when this individual returns to New York from a visit to Raleigh, the first thing PJ asks is "where is the cake?" On to Chapel Hill-Durham where we have a big decision to make. Is it going to be Bullocks or is it Dog House hotdogs. Everything at Bullocks in Durham is good but the Dog House Hot Dogs are the best I have ever eaten and searching out good hot dogs has been a lifetime hobby of mine. There are 6 Dog House locations in the Durham area and the owner has started selling franchises. The dogs are not "all" anything. They are small and have a lot of filler in them which suits me just fine, and the chili has grease in it which I'm sure will turn some of you off. The chili is extremely important to me and if it is not prepared with grease from fried bacon it isn't going to taste or smell right. We used to rate hot dog stands and we would downgrade an establishment if you couldn't smell the chili at least a half block away. What can I say about Bullocks that hasn't already been said. I remember when it was a white cinderblock building further out on Hillsborough Road in the late 60's but now is in a newer building. The wall is covered with photographs of celebrities who have visited, mostly country and western musicians. There is a letter on the wall from ole Deano himself extolling the virtues of Bullocks home cooking. I have been to Bullocks many times when it opens for the day and I have never been there when there was not a sizeable line to get in. Its almost a tradition to go and talk with others in the line about anything you wish. You ought to see it right before Thanksgiving and Christmas when large numbers of people return to the area. Many people buy their holiday meals from Bullocks and take them home for the traditional holiday feast.

Well. this has gotten us to the city limits of Chapel Hill but I have been long winded this morning so I'll stop for now. If there is any interest in my ramblings, I might write part 2, IN CHAPEL HILL and part 3, ON THE WAY BACK. I can feel the tension rising. I don't know how many times I have seen 2 top 5 teams play on person but not many. I'll bet they will even make some noise in the Smith Center Wednesday night. What do you think?