Blue Heaven Basketball Museum

On Nov. 4th, the Blue Heaven Basketball Museum in Chapel Hill observed its first anniversary. Having visited the museum several times and making the acquaintance of David Daly, the owner and operator, I would like to call to the attention of Tar Heels everywhere that the museum is worth a visit. All the Tar Heels I have talked with are enthusiastic about the museum if they have visited but many are not familiar with the fact that the museum exists. We hope to change that. The museum is going through the same stage of development as and I am hopeful that better things await both of us down the road. In the meantime, let's give David our support and I'll let you make your own decision about

Below is a media release that was received by e-mail on the first anniversary. It is so complete and detailed that I am reposting it here rather than writing an original article. I don't think I could improve on it.

Blue Heaven Museum Media Release:

Saturday, November 3rd, 2001 marked the first anniversary of the Blue Heaven Basketball Museum. Started as a small collection of uniforms, shoes, and other artifacts, Blue Heaven now boasts the largest public exhibit of Carolina Basketball memorabilia in the country.

Over the past 12 months, items such as the 1924 season scorebook, 1957 warm-ups, 1982 ring and watch, and 1993 jerseys have been on display to honor UNC's four National Championships.

Legendary Tar Heels Phil Ford, Michael Jordan, Lennie Rosenbluth, Antawn Jamison, James Worthy, Billy Cunningham, and Vince Carter are all represented in the Museum. Ford and Rosenbluth's retired jerseys are on display, as is Carter's honored jersey. Jordan's practice uniform and game shorts, Jamison's "Twan Time" shoes, Worthy's team travel bag, and Cunningham's warm up jacket are all featured on the museum floor.

But that's not all. Jerry Stackhouse, Walter Davis, Sam Perkins, "Hook" Dillon, Doug Moe, Rasheed Wallace, Jimmy Black, Curt Carmichael, Kenny Smith, Larry Brown, Brendan Haywood, Al Wood, Mike O'Koren, Charlie Scott, Mitch Kupchak, and Brad Daugherty are just a few of the many lettermen that are represented in Blue Heaven.

One of the Museum's latest acquisitions is Coach Dean Smith's office desk that now accompanies his office chair in the Coach's Corner Section of Blue Heaven. Also, recently acquired trophies from the legendary "three in a row",1967-'69 ACC Champions are on display in the expanded 1960's exhibit area. Original backboards and lockers from Woollen Gym , Carmichael Auditorium, and the Smith Center are exclusively displayed.

The Blue Heaven Basketball Museum also presents the oldest known audio from a Carolina game-Feb. 11, 1947, and the oldest known fllm- 1946 NCAA Championship game featuring Dillon, "Bones" McKinney, and Jim Jordan.

Many lettermen have visited Blue Heaven over the past year including Wood, Eddie Fogler, Bill Chamberlain, Scott, Daugherty, Ademola Okulaga, Donald Williams, Derrick Phelps, Black, King Rice, Richard Vinroot, "Nemo" Nearman, and current head coach Matt Doherty. Fans can check out the lettermen wall to see the autographs of all their favorite players that have visited the museum. Chancellor Moeser and fashion designer Alexander Julian have taken in the sights and sounds of Blue Heaven.

As the 2002 season gets set to tip off, come experience the glory days of the Tar Heels at the museum dedicated to the sport that helped make Chapel Hill the "southern part of heaven"!

From the peach basket to the slam dunk, the "Father of Basketball" to the "Dean of Coaches", from UNC legends Lennie Rosenbluth, Phi Ford, and Michael Jordan to current superstars Jerry Stackhouse, Antawn Jamison, and Vince Carter. 'Nothing Could Be Finer' than a visit to the Blue Heaven Basketball Museum - Heel Hoops in the Making.

For more information , please contact David Daly at 919-929-5877, e-mail- or log onto