Blue Blood Bash Photos

I promised to post some photos of our recent meeting in Richmond.

L-R Phil Ford, Buzzy Watts, Ramfanatic, Ken Mack


L-R Paul Severin, Ben "Cooter" Jones, Phil Ford. Paul Severin was UNC's first two time All American football player and Ben "Cooter" Jones was a regular on the TV series "Dukes Of Hazard. You'all know about Phil's exploits on the hardwood.


This was the hit of the meeting. You can't tell from looking at the photo but the top lifts off the helmet and an insert holds food. Mrs. RamFanatic fixed a super sized banana pudding and I didn't tell the others until we had finished our BBQ. A shovel was provided and each person served themselves. Needless to say, there wasn't much left over. Glad we didn't take any blood sugar tests after we finished.