1923-24 National Championship

Am I misreading you or are you being sarcastic about UNC's opponents during the 1923-24 season. The opponents were about like they are today. Some cream puffs and some nationally known teams. Carolina more than doubled the score(41-20) on Kentucky in the Southern Conference Tournament and the most lop sided victory was over N.C. State 44-9.

As everyone knows, there was not an NCAA playoff system adopted until the season of'39-'40 and it seems to me that a mythical championship for basketball is as valid as a claim for the national championship in football until they came up with this so called playoff system they have now. It really doesn't mean lot to me but I am amazed at how it upsets ABCers. As long as that is the case you can rest assured UNC will continue to trumpet the 1924 team as a "national champions". If UNC wasn't the national champ that year, then who was? I know, I know, the answer is there wasn't one. I'm not worried about anybody else trying to lay claim to the NC for that year for obvious reasons.